come fly with me

Yes, it's true. My little miracle baby turned ONE today! I was able to take a lot of time today to remember what a blessing he was, and is to us. Four years was a long time to wait, but by golly, he made every waited second worth it!

We started the day by going to the doctor. Here we all are in anticipation...wondering if Cole gained enough weight to sit in his front facing big boy carseat...

The verdict is in! 
18 pounds and NOT big enough for the big boy carseat!
(it's okay buddy, you're a big boy to mommy and daddy!)

Cole's doctor arrived and exclaimed that we have a "pipsqueak" on our hands...but we still made it on the charts, by 4 percent! Cole only gained 4 ounces since his 9 month appointment, because he is so BUSY and burns off everything he eats.

Because Cole is still sick, we were able to put off his vaccinations. After the doctor, we went to buy Cole his birthday present. He loved looking at all of the pretty fish!

Then on to birthday preparations. 
Brooke had told me to buy a "smash" cake at Target for Cole's birthday, but I thought that was silly...I could totally make my own! Well, after about 30 seconds of complete failed disaster, I was calling Shane to see if Target could save the day at the last minute. 

And they delivered! $1.80 very well spent. 

Invitations had been sent...and we waited for guests to arrive.

Cole's pictures from the past year

(pardon the awesome glow of the indoor lighting for the next series of pictures)

The sick birthday boy right before his party started. He was so pleasant despite not feeling well.

I had a proud mommy moment during the cake smash: Cole would only touch the cake if he had a spoon to eat it with! The frosting that is covering his body is from his DAD trying to get him to smash into the cake!
That's my boy.

a few cousins helping Cole with his gifts...

and mommy helped too.

 The big part of Cole's birthday was that he was getting a new "big boy" bedroom from mom and dad. Since finding out about baby boy #2, we had to decide what to do about bedrooms, and in the end, we changed our office into a new bedroom for Cole. 

Cole's new birthday fish, Finn.

His bedding is made up of vintage airplanes in blue with accents of orange, which is how we decided on how to do the painting.
We painted a sunset on 3 16x20 inch canvases, and then painted on a silhouette of an airplane in black. It turned out way better than we had expected, and it cost us less than $10 to do!

Now let's see if he'll sleep in here... 


Karla said...

What an entire fun filled night! EVERYTHING was incredibly darling. And, you made it all look so easy- like it just happened. I know you and Shane worked hard on Cole's first birthday, and as I thought about why we make such a big deal on our first child's birthday, I wondered if it's our way of celebrating not only birthday's, but a wonderful new season of our lives; a family. There is just something amazing that children bring into our lives. My heart celebrates my grandchildren every day. Or is it that they celebrate my heart?
Love Cole's new bedroom and the airplane theme.
You guys are awesome.

jason & kiley. said...

Everything turned out awesome! Especially the canvas paintings for his new room :) you are amazing with all that you do!

Mat Shaw said...

Colebugs the "pipsqueak" was worth every minute of the party preparation, and more! I was amazed at what a darling, well put-together birthday you were able to pull off for your cute little man after being in charge of your RS Christmas activity just the night before. You are amazing, Kenzie! And his bedroom! It's perfect. I'm glad you were able to get all of these things completed so now you can come and put on an awesome, unforgettable birthday party for Easton, all while assembling a beautiful new nursery for my baby girl. That's just what happens when you demonstrate such incredible skill!
Happy birthday to that cute, busy, happy little miracle boy. How we love him. xoxo

Circe said...

Can I just copy everything on this post? Because I love all of it!!!

Jacy said...

Oh my I love the little airplane backdrop behind his highchair!! Cutest idea!!

Heather said...

You are so amazing! I know how exhausting parties can be for your little ones and to add him being sick on top of that... wonder woman! The party and his new room are both super cute! Good work lady!