The thing that makes me smile...

Him. Just hiking on a clear, sunny, snowy day...
with him.
I love you Shane...thank you for making my world turn round!



Sunny California!

In January I was able to spend an entire week in sunny Newport Beach California with my mom, sister, aunt Marla, aunt Debbie, and cousin Tara. It was fun to have a "girls only" trip filled with lots of laughter! We were able to do so many things from shopping, sunsets at Victoria Beach, playing Phase 10 at Newport Beach, cooking at the condo, going out for world-famous king crab legs, and a whole day (open to close) at Disneyland! Most of the pictures of all of us are on my mom's computer, but here are a few that I snapped while enjoying the vacation:

Kenzie & Brooke...so happy to be in SUNSHINE!

The night we checked in to the condo...look at that GORGEOUS view.

Brooke & Me at "Toy Story Mania" just ONE of the MANY fun rides at Disneyland. Our family LOVES Disneyland!

Victoria Beach

Kenzie & Brooke at Victoria Beach

Brooke, Kenzie & Mom watching the sun set at Victoria Beach

It was so nice to escape from our cold, sunless weather and head west to find some warmth... but it was also so nice to come home to the warmth of my husbands arms.
Thank you SO much Dad for the much needed vacation!