Funny how things change...

When Shane and I were first married we discussed what material "things" would make for such great gifts for our 5th anniversary. As our 4th year of marriage is fast approaching I have reflected upon those wishes - desires for material possesions. Those un-practical, yet exciting ideas of gifts have no meaning to me now...and for the past two years I have only had one dream - one wish - and at least for now, I am still reaching for that shining star in my sky.

In the meantime, as I wait (sometimes not so patiently) for my fairy-tale dreams to come true, I have been able to share in sweet moments with my sister in law as we found out together that she and my brother would be having a beautiful baby girl...that calm little baby that seems just as much mine as she is theirs. I get to spend every waking moment counting my blessings for a husband who makes the tough times more than just bearable; a man who lets me cry, and holds me close as our hearts cry together.

Some days I awake to cloudy skies, some to sunshine...and on the days that I watch the raindrops fall on the pavement outside my window I think about the entire bag of tulips that I planted with my sweet one a short seven months ago. Those flowers embrace the rain and also reach tall for those sunny days...they need both to grow beautifully.

So, I choose to embrace the rain.

I choose to welcome it to my seemingly eventless life,

and thank it for making my life

more eventful...

more enjoyable...