There is just something so lovely about...

The smell of clean laundry
The tightness of the sheets at night
New socks
Open doors & open windows
Windex on mirrors
Burning candles
Feeding the ducks
Unique artwork
An organized closet
The sound of the rain
Toast with cinnamon sugar, late at night
Waking up to the sunrise
Letting tears roll down my cheeks without regret

And knowing that no matter where I am or where he is
I have his heart and he has mine

I like that feeling.

I miss you tonight my love...sleep is impossible to find without you by my side.



Some of the greatest things about you:
1. You're incredibly smart! You know how to turn on the lights in the middle of the night in order to wake us up and play.
2. You know how to cool things down. When it gets a little warm in the house, you just flip on the light switch that controls the fan, then lie on your back right underneath it and fall asleep.
3. Your meow is more like a squeak! Duke sometimes we can't even hear you when you need something... we know you are trying to meow because your mouth moves but nothing comes out!
4. Although your voice is quiet, your feet are not. We know exactly where you are in the house, anytime of the day.
5. You're very obedient when it comes to table manners. You always sit upright on the chair, and fold your arms at the counter! What a good boy.
6. You save us money on fly swatters. Not only do you make it incredibly amusing to watch while you body slam flies against the walls, but you also always catch them!
7. The way you snuggle at night, always next to daddy.
8. How you prefer to drink water. I think most kitties drink straight out of a bowl, but you like to drink it out of the tap...while it's running. It's so funny to see water drip from off your face!
9. You also love to play in water! If the sink is full of water, you'll bury your arms in it and then shake off your paws so the water sprinkles the mirror... it's fun to see those water spots, we think of you every time.
10. You try so very hard to climb trees, and your getting better. But you do make sitting out on the porch much more amusing when you run, jump on the tree trunk, then slide all the way down because you just can't hold on.
Duke we LOVE you. We have been ready to build our family for awhile now, but most of the time life doesn't exactly go as we hope or plan. Thank you for being such a joy in our home, you turn every sad or stressful day completely upside down!

You make my heart melt, just like daddy does.