slipping through my fingers

I have made my way into the basement more than once to carry upstairs that one measly, halfway filled box of fall decorations that I own, only to find that I just haven't had the mental strength to do it.  This could be because I have no desire for decorating my house season by season, or because I am just NOT ready to LET SUMMER GO.  The signs of autumn are in no doubt already approaching, and with them my hot summer, sunny filled days are slipping through my fingers.  I have found my mood a little less than optimistic as I feel the cool morning air, or watching as the dim sun climbs into bed earlier than usual.  I just didn't get enough of days packed with swimming, walks with Shane in shorts and flip flops, sun-kissed skin, popsickles on Sunday afternoons, and barbeques outdoors in the late evening. 
When Shane and I were dating I asked him what his favorite season was.  He thought for several minutes as he stared up into the cold winter sky...finally he replied, "I can't pick just one.".  I pried and prodded, feeling slightly annoyed that he couldn't make this decision.  He went on to explain to me what he enjoyed about each and every season, down to the miniscule details.  When he asked me the same question, of course I stubborly responded, "SUMMER.  hands down.  no question.". 
My sweet husband still just can't find it in him to 'number' the seasons from favorite to least... and that's exactly what I LOVE about HIM.  Yes, I might always have a sweet spot in my heart for summer, but what's so wrong about autumn, or even winter?  If Shane can love it, so can I... and to be completely honest, no matter what the temperature is outside, days spent with my love always feel warm. 
I adore that.


This is your LIFE

fall in love.  believe in magicLAUGH EVERYDAY.  find a passion and PURSUE it.  look with optimism to the future.  learn morecreate.  never GIVE UP.  give someone a reason to SMILE.  spend time with family.  be HAPPYFORGIVE even when it's hard.  smile often.  try new things.  work hard.  follow your dreams.  tell stories.  ADMIRE someone.  make TIME to enjoy the SIMPLE things in LIFE.  embrace change.  be NICE to EVERYONE.  TRUST in yourself.  LIVE in the MOMENT...live for today.  be understanding. keep your PROMISES.  share.  think of OTHERS before YOURSELF. listen to your parentssay I love you. be your BEST SELF. say please and thank youDREAM BIGeat great food. be thankful, be grateful. DANCE often.
be true to who you are...
be YOU.