more work don't hurt nobody

unless you don't get paid for it that is!

Shane was paid for 24 out of the 72 hours he worked last week... because 48 out of the 72 hours were spent precepting for nursing school.  Shane has worked very hard to earn his RN and he is finally at the tail end of finishing school!  He just has to endure 3-4 more weeks of working full time, with no paycheck.  In my eyes, it is all worth it!  Shane is getting AWESOME training by precepting in the shock trauma ICU at IMC.  It was such a blessing that he was chosen to be in this ICU because there are so many patients that have endured life or death accidents and who are in need of critical care.  Shane's eyes have been opened wide to how delicate life truly is, and he is now starting to understand the depth of his own injury 2 years ago.  

Currently, Shane is back at the hospital working a 7 PM - 7 AM precepting shift, then working again from 3 PM - 11 PM.  (Keep in mind this guy has to commute 40 minutes just to get to work!)  I am so proud of him and hope that I can give him all the support he needs during this tiring time of his life...

 What he REALLY needs are some extra hours in the day for homework, and SLEEP!


Dance is more than a way of movement...

It's a way of LIFE.

The body...

Says what words cannot.

At times we may fall,

But we know how to pick ourselves back up again.

The work is most often aggressive, but the reward is BLISS

We can always look to the sun
even on days when rain clouds gather.

And if the rain does fall...

We find no need to wait.

Dancers need SPACE



Dancers find inspiration from seeing,

But discover it through experiencing.

It isn't ever easy

But the effort made is always worth it

And no matter which direction we turn,

Dancing always faces us toward HEAVEN.

*Special thank you to Marla Lofgreen, Debbie Webber, and Clytie Adams' School of Ballet for helping my passion come to life through photography!


my farm

As many of you know, Shane and I are the proud parents of one handsome goldfish - Gus, and one adorably feisty kitty - Duke.  To add to the mix we recently adopted an incredibly smart and lovable dog - Dundee. 
I wasn't ready to be a dog owner.  I never expected to be a dog owner.  I was already overly concerned about smells and extra hair in my house.  However, Shane and I have known Dundee ever since he was a puppy, and as much as I may not have realized it, even I had secured a special place in my heart for him.  Because of certain circumstances, Dundee wasn't happy in his home anymore.  Both my family and Shane's family worked together to find what home would best suit this almost 2 year old sheltie...it boiled down to either my Mom and Dad, or us.  Shane and I immediately knew what we needed to do, and we haven't viewed our decision with one ounce of regret since that day.

We were worried however; how would Duke react?  How would I train this dog to stay off of my sofas?  Could I handle the smell?  Here's how things are:

*Duke and Dundee have surprisingly become friends - no kidding.  Just today I caught them sleeping RIGHT next to each other.  They easily respect each other's privacy and don't become jealous for attention.  Who ever knew a 2 year old cat and 2 year old dog could get along so well?

*I told Dundee ONCE to not get on the sofa.  BINGO. 
*Dundee is NOT a smelly dog.  I didn't think this was possible!  Plus I have scentsys, candles, and oil burners to make a meat market smell GREAT so as far as I know, the smell hasn't been a problem.
*My sweet sister made the transition much easier by surprising us with all of our very favorite treats, including goods for our kitty-cat.  I LOVE MY SIS.  She is the most thoughtful person I know.

So, if you ever feel like visiting a farm (without the smell and mess that is...) you are more than welcome to our home!  We may not have human children in our home just yet, but our animal babies give us fantastic company... oh how we LOVE that!

And we sure love this puppy of ours...