Skiing at Powder

What a GORGEOUS ski day!
Shane, Jeff and I went up to Powder Mountain to go skiing and we had a blast! Keith (Shane's Dad) was able to meet up with us part way through the day too and it was so fun to have him with us. The boys took me on a small "back country" run with tons of powder...it was my first time skiing through an ungroomed run! It was definitely a lot harder but I loved it...there's just something so magnificent about skiing through fresh powder-I couldn't even see my skis! I want to thank not only Shane, but Jeff and Keith for helping me keep up with their amazing ski skills and for continuing to teach me how to become a good skier. You guys are GREAT!



After Christmas (which was very MaGiCaL by the way...) Shane took me out for a snow play weekend. We first drove up through Ogden Canyon to go snowshoeing. It was beautiful walking through the fresh blanket of snow and underneath the snow covered trees. We wished we could have gone farther into the canyon but I had to go to the bathroom so bad and we decided that the trees weren't quite big enough to conceal me from public's view...plus the fact that I'd FREEZE! So we enjoyed a nice short jaunt up, then down the canyon and headed to the condo for a blissful bathroom retreat...
That evening we were pleased to go out to eat with May, Ty, Madi, Kevin, Bri, Britt, Mav, and baby Slater at Eat's of Eden, the family's favorite pizza place. Then a few of us enjoyed the hot tub later that night.
What a fun way to make the best of the season...Thank you Shane!