What's your excuse?

For the past three years, I have been a big supporter of public transportation. After Shane and I got married, he too jumped on the boat with me on the subject. For my birthday in 2008, I got a bike to ride to and from work...not only would it save some money, but I would be decreasing the amount of harmful chemicals that plague our earth today. Shane and a few fellow employees made use of the awesome carpool lane on the freeways on their commute to Murray and back. Shane also uses the Frontrunner train and UTA buses to and from school, all in hopes of making the small difference in improving our air quality. Shane and I also love to walk to church...just one more small way to prove that we don't NEED our personal vehicles.
This past sunday was cold. And foggy. And the air was filled with pollutants. And we were almost late for church. "Can we please take the car to church today?" was my plea to Shane. After just slight hesitation he agreed...with that crappy air it wouldn't be good to walk anyway. We hopped in the cold car and as we pulled out of the driveway we saw our friends, Marianne, Chris, and their adorable baby Camden, all wrapped up and WALKING to church. Shane and I looked at each other and knew we both had the same thought in mind... what was our excuse for driving to church? We live ONE BLOCK AWAY...it takes just as much time to drive as it does to walk! We complain about the smog filled air...well what did we think we were doing? Our friends live at least triple the distance away from the church, if not more...I hope they realize what an awesome example they have set for Shane and me. They walked to church when Marianne was overdue with Camden, they walk when it rains, they walk when it's hot, they walk when it's foggy, snowy, and cold.
We have NO excuse...
Help us reduce harmful carbon emissions...walk, bike, carpool, and make use of our public transit systems. We all want a healthy world to live in!


Surgery number 5...are we done yet?

(Shane & I decided that it would be good to have this post for our records - not for sympathy votes! Thanks!)

JUNE 2007: Wisdom teeth are removed to open space for jaw surgery incision
DECEMBER 2007: Braces are put on to begin realignment of teeth
MARCH 2008: It is discovered that a tooth implant will be required to have complete function of mouth but there is not enough room for the gum advancement. A gum graft is required.
APRIL 2008: Gum graft on lower four teeth accompanied by a tongue clip is completed
JUNE 2008: Advancement for tooth implant begins
FEBRUARY 2009: Gum advancement is completed, date of surgery is set.
MARCH 2009: Tooth implant is fixated into lower right jaw bone; upper jaw is separated, shaved down, and fixed back into place with 4 titanium plates and 18 screws. Mouth is wired shut to help with healing.
MAY 2009: Return to work; begin to chew soft foods; upper teeth, lips and cheeks are still numb.
JUNE 2009: Braces come off!
JUNE 2009: New braces are put on...
JULY 2009: Beginning to regain normal smile.
OCTOBER 2009: Braces come off, again!
NOVEMBER 2009: MRI completed on left jaw joint to research why it is locked.
DECEMBER 2009: Left jaw joint is operated on to remove excess fluid.
JANUARY 2010: Jaw therapy begins, to be continued twice a week for the next six weeks.

While in recovery from my last surgery I supposedly requested a picture with my amazing oral surgeon, Dr. Blaine Austin. I have felt so blessed to have Dr. Austin be the one working with me...I will be very honest, the hardest part about all of this is having someone work on my FACE; my IDENTITY. I had so many questions...will I ever look the same? Will people still recognize me? It was difficult to put my trust into someone who would be dealing with the precious parts about ME. Before I went in for my maxillofacial surgery, I realized that Dr. Austin cared just as much about who I was as I did. I have been able to see Dr. Blaine Austin for almost 3 years now, and I feel lucky for that! He made a promise to me that he would try to calm my childlike fears of surgery and make me feel comfortable with the subtle changes in my face, my smile, and the way I can eat...I think the only thing that needs some work now is my fear of surgery!

Thank you to all of those who continue to support Shane and I in this seemingly endless recovery!