Just a couple things about this guy:

Mister Shane loves all animals....

He is extremely talented at making working toys out of surgical supplies during extra long operations...

He loves the outdoors,
And also loves children...

And the most exciting news about this guy?  
He can still squeeze into his scout shirt from when he was a teenager.  
I love my Mister Scoutmaster!

(He looks pretty handsome too!)

Little transformation

Shane and I decided that after 3 years of living in our home, it was about time to put up some pictures on our big wall in our family room.  It took us awhile to try to figure out how we'd like to put up some pictures of family without it looking messy.  I think what we were able to come up with (that was still  within our budget) worked out great! 





When standing in front of the red framed mirror, your face can be seen...Shane and I want visitors to know that everyone belongs within the walls of our family when they are in our home!


Preface: I'm not entirely a dog person

I'm also NOT a runner.  Or even a jogger for that matter.
With that being said, our little Dundee has been quite lucky on three different occasions to go JOGGING with me (yes, you heard that right...three occasions).
I can jog for maybe one mile without feeling like I'm going to stop breathing and pass out (wow, am I that out of shape?) so it goes to show that I don't jog very far from home.
However, on each of these 3 occasions, about a quarter through our jaunt, Dundee and I always seem to be accompanied by one or two EXTRA DOGS
Reminder: I'm not entirely a dog person.  I love Dundee, but that's about all I can handle.
These dogs always end up following me all the way back to my house - all while I am tripping and maneuvering through each of them, and doing my best to avoid their slobber.  Here's the best part: none of them ever know how to get back to their own homes.  So each time I come home with one or two extra pups, I have to call the owner, and walk the dogs back home to where they belong.

These three experiences have helped me to learn these three very important things:
1.  I have no desire to become a dog whisperer.
2.  I think it's time for me to stop jogging... I think I'm bound to run into more dogs if I do so. 
3.  I love walking...with just ONE dog.  I'm going to stick with that from now on.