04.01.2011 was my birthday

I am not fooling, my birthday fell on the beloved holiday for all pranks to be unleashed... and I LOVE IT! Besides the regular teasing and pranking that goes along with having four older brothers, April Fools Day was always designated just for celebrating my birthday. The only tricks played on me were the candles on my birthday cake... when I was young I could not figure out why I wasn't powerful enough to blow them out!

Most people may say that birthdays lose their sense of excitement and valor with each year added on to ones tally, however, I tend to enjoy each new birthday with more vigour as I reflect upon the ups and downs of the past year, and look most forward to the year to come. It's like reading a good mystery book... you never quite know where and when the book will take a turn for the better or worse, yet either way, it becomes more exciting. :)

Shane was going to be taking me up to the family cabin for the weekend, but before we left I needed to see a few of my favorite people! We went to the park with my sister and her family (including the adorable dog, dundee) after which we enjoyed our favorite soft serve frozen yogurt, Yogotogo. Then we stopped by the bank to see one of my best friends, Rachel!
We thought it would be funny to take a picture right outside the men's bathroom... I think you'd agree with me when I say the picture doesn't exactly scream FUNNY... ;) However, Rachel is by far the funniest friend I have... she is from Georgia and just moved here a few years ago. I will always love her feisty southern accent and positive attitude about life... she has been such an amazing friend for me!

Then up at the cabin my cute mother in law gave both Melanie (Shane's sister) and me matching outfits!

A couple weeks after my birthday Shane and I were able to see Ballet West's performance of Bolero and it was AMAZING. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! I am so grateful for a husband who will take me to ballet performances and never complain about it one little bit. I know that he does it just for ME...

And I just love EVERYTHING about him!