what happened?

Whatever happened with me blogging?
Maybe it's the fact that I can't figure out how to post pictures anymore...
Or the fact that instagram is so incredibly easy.
Or maybe it's caused by the rapid decline in readers? I must ask, does ANYONE read blogs anymore? Does anyone read THIS blog anymore?
Either way, I should be updating.
Having a baby makes life move in both slow-motion and super-speed at the same time. Most days, I look at my seasoned sitter, 1/4 of a cheerio eater (he is a tad slow on the chewing part of being a baby), sitting up in the big boy tub of a baby and I wonder...
Where in the world did my baby go?
Once Cole hit 6 months I felt like my life was back; I felt like I could really experience the true joy of being a parent. I loved that he and I could interact, that he would babble to himself all day and laugh because I'd make a silly face. I cherished the moments of he in the high chair, and me at the table, eating at the SAME time...
7 months was even better. That sweet boy just grew and grew...not necessarily in size, but he was soaking everything up like a sponge! He would imitate me, and started growling like a lion - even on command! He began trying to un-buckle his car seat, and hasn't stopped trying since (luckily without success). Shane went off to another week of scout camp, just in time for me to get the flu and run a week's worth of two ballet workshops. Amazingly, we survived. Barely.
Now here we are...8 months into witnessing my little baby grow up too quickly. Although he can't crawl yet, Cole still seems to know how to get into everything and I find myself constantly laughing at what things he has discovered to play with. I love his adventurous personality. I adore the happiness he carries with him. I live for his dimpled smile.
One day, someday, this little fireball will let me hold him tight. Someday he will let me snuggle him, read him stories, and sing him lullabies. That still seems to be the only thing that I wish and hope for the opportunity to experience. Someday.
But for today, I'm going to try my hardest to be the best mom that this little boy deserves. I'm going to take him outside so he can pick more grass, and pull off more leaves off the tree. Drive him around town so he can enjoy the view of trying to un-buckle that seatbelt of his. Help him walk from one end of the house to the other, and praise him for trying so hard to learn and grow. I will help him hold the hairbrush and brush his hair just to make him laugh. I will kiss him endlessly and tell him a million times how much I love him...
because I do. I simply can't get enough.