Five years...any more scares?

I felt the need to add onto my last post, to finish up the story from the 5 days we still had to wait until the "big day".
Wednesday night (the 25th) Shane said that he was having some serious tooth pain.  Coming from someone who has had their upper jaw completely removed and replaced, I unfortunately don't have a lot of sympathy for my husband when he complains of tooth pain or problems (this is something that I NEED to fix!).
Thursday morning (the 26th) he went in to see the Dentist, who, after x-raying his front teeth, presented Shane with the news that he had a HUGE infection that had been eating away at the root of one of his front teeth.  At this point, a root canal will not fix his problem.  Shane now has to get a tooth implant with a possible bone graft.  Anyone have an idea of how much this will cost?  Well, after insurance (which doesn't cover this particular problem...what the?) it will be around $4000.  Um, yeah.
Friday (the 27th)...the big day!!  We had an appointment with a perinatologist to measure everything in and around the baby to be sure that I wasn't losing any more fluid, and that baby boy wasn't still trying to come early.  Needless to say, Shane and I were terrified for the appointment, simply because of our history of anniversary bad luck.  What a complete relief it was to find out that everything is okay!  My placenta has moved to a better position, I have enough fluid, and our sweet baby is developmentally right on track.  The doctor told us that our baby boy was measuring quite small (but perfectly healthy)...looks like we might have a little baby on our hands when he arrives :)
So, it ended up being a very happy five year anniversary for the two of us yesterday, but we're anticipating what will be coming our way next year...
as long as it has nothing to do with the baby, we can handle anything.

***Shane, I am so blessed to be surrounded with your love.  What amazing adventures we've had, and the journey just keeps becoming more exciting with every bump, every turn, and every hill.
I love you...five years back and all the way to eternity.


the good...the bad...and the ugly.

My anniversary of being married 5 happy years to Shane is coming up this Friday.  What a celebration!

For the past 4 anniversaries, either Shane or I have been treated for some medical issue...read on:

Year 1:  Shane and I celebrated our anniversary in California, and of course, we HAD to go to Disneyland (okay, maybe not "we", mostly "me").  Shane complained all day of feeling sick and lightheaded...and sadly I didn't offer him any kindness or sympathy.  The next day found us in the emergency room, treating a very bad spider bite that was beginning to cause staff infection.  (Sorry baby).

Year 2:  You all remember the awful soccer accident that Shane was involved in that left us not knowing if he would even survive.  Click here to read a bit of what had happened that night.

Year 3:  Shane and I were asked to be a "Ma & Pa" for our stake's pioneer trek.  The morning we left for Wyoming (which was the day of our anniversary) I became very sick.  By that afternoon I was found partly unconscious and quickly hooked up to IV fluids while dressed in pioneer clothes, in the middle of the desert.  We were sent home the next morning!  This whole story makes me laugh.

Year 4:  After an entire year of trying to figure out why I never healed from being sick on trek, I was finally diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder (any wonder why?  I couldn't let go of Shane's accident).  Right before our anniversary I began treatments.

Here we are at year number 5.  Unfortunately, we did not find ourselves with better luck this year.  One week ago, scoutmaster Shane left for a week at scout camp.  That same morning I began having complications with my pregnancy.  I was seen at the hospital for 4 days in a row, having treatments and tests done to be sure the baby was okay, and that he would stay in my body longer!  My Dad gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing, telling me that I would be able to feel my 19 week old baby moving strongly...and that because of his movements, I would be reassured that he was okay.  I am so grateful that baby boy has done just that...I can even feel him kick when I rest my hand on my tummy.  Things have greatly improved after the treatments, and I know that everything is going to be okay.

I was supposed to be leaving this Wednesday with my Mom, Sister, and niece on a trip to Vietnam to be at my cousin's wedding.  Obviously, because of the circumstances, I will not be able to go (something about only being able to see a tribal doctor if something were to go wrong didn't seem like the greatest idea).  My doctor was so apologetic when he told me that I needed to stay home to be monitored, but what he needs to know is that going to Vietnam doesn't even compare to the desire I have for this baby boy to come to our family safe and sound!

Is it not true that the Lord only sends us blessings?  Some of them may seem to be hidden in disguise, but all of them are for our growth and betterment.  I would like to think that despite all of the trials we have endured, Shane and I would love each other the way we do now, but I truly believe that it's because of the trials that our love has grown more than we ever could have expected.  The thought of possibly losing our baby has made our love for his tiny body feel like it's going to burst from our hearts.
Maybe the past 5 anniversaries haven't been exactly smooth sailing, but to be honest?  I wouldn't trade them for anything else.

My love, we have five days left to see what other scares might befall us before the big day...let's hold hands, seal it with a kiss, and say...
I love you.


This beautiful little baby is a...


Don't worry my love...I'll catch up real soon!

17 weeks, 4 days.  
We love you baby boy...always have, and always will.


BOY...or GIRL?

I don't know yet either.  But if baby cooperates, we (that is, Shane and I) will know in one week!  
I would LOVE to read your votes on whether you think we'll be buying pink or buying blue for this baby...please leave a comment with your choice!

Can't wait to read what you think...