Our little Dukie...

We have a kitty that has MANY talents...
He climbs into Daddy's arms while he's praying...

Tests out the sleeves of Daddy's jacket to be sure they're warm enough...

Stays out of Mommy's way while she vacuums...
(Duke was so terrified of the vacuum that he hid underneath every pillow on the bed!)

Protects Mommy's make-up EVERY MORNING...

Sleeps like a CHAMP
(If you can't tell...)

And loves to bask and play in the sunshine every afternoon.

Shane and I love Duke so much we can't even believe it! It is going to be so difficult to leave him for ten days...I can't imagine how all those mothers feel leaving their children for even a couple of hours!

We love you Duke!


We ain't done yet!

Five sugeries down but one more to go
this darn recovery is moving so slow!
Please jaw cooperate, let this one work
Because at this point I'm going berzerk.
Don't misunderstand, I love my new bite
but this little joint just isn't quite right.
March the thirtieth is the day,
I hope this is it, oh I plea and I pray!
Open it up, clean it all out
Then sew me back up without any doubts!
Pretty Please?