we are family.




set backs & still moving forward

A week ago I went in for another surgery on my right TMJ and a tissue graft for my gums.  One of these days I'm certain this will all be behind us, but for now I'll be slurping on smoothies and dreaming about chewing anything once these three weeks are over...
On the upside, there are so many great things happening in our lives.  Shane has officially graduated with his RN degree from Weber State University, and we just found out that he successfully passed his board exams.  Shane was approached by a manager at Intermountain Medical Center and asked if he would be a nurse there before he had even applied for the job, and he will be able to still work in the OR - just what he loves most.  He is continuing his education and will earn his BSN in December.  I can't even express  how proud I am of this guy...nursing school was no easy experience for either of us, but HE got us through it with flying colors.
Currently we are in Newport Beach California enjoying the hues of blue and green all around us.  We were lucky enough to tag along with my parents to their timeshare to give Shane some time to relax after graduation, and allow me some time to heal and not be swarmed with teaching and my calling right after my operations.  What a wonderful way to relax together!
Shane and I have been commenting about how abundantly blessed we have been lately...it is clearly obvious to us that the Lord has a plan, and when we give, so will he.  Trials will be followed by blessings - of this we are sure because we have experienced it over and over throughout our 4 1/2 years of beautiful marriage.
We love you, our family and friends, for uplifting us during every set back...it's you who help us to keep moving forward with a skip in our step and our chins held toward the sun.  Thank you!