Making the best of it.

Making the best of this winter that is.  Or should we even call it that?  I'm not sure if this season is deserving of such a name quite yet.  It just feels cold.  The other day I realized that I still haven't had to put on my snow tires, which I love to do to give my summer tires a much needed break.  I also noticed that my darling little tulips are beginning to make their appearance, and I wanted to shove them back into the ground to let them hibernate until the sweet sun warms things up around here.  Either way, Shane and I have decided that it's time to get out and enjoy the little bits of winter that we do have, seeming that the snow can melt in less than one good sunny day.

Shane and I strapped on our snowshoes and enjoyed following along the bank of the stream.  Last year we came across a young moose walking in the river that we were able to watch for awhile.  We didn't have such luck this year, but the scenery and company were amazing!

Shane also took Dundee on a hike up Adam's Canyon.  We're pretty proud of this puppy for making it all the way up and down himself...even when he had to walk in chest-deep frozen water!

However, on most of the cold days we decide to stay indoors - which means that starting at 10:00 every morning I will find my two little fur balls basking in the sun's warm glow together. 
 Doesn't get much cuter than that...I love these two.

I am trying to convince myself to find some positivity about our weather...it seems that I'd rather get a boatload of snow, or have it magically turn to spring...but I'm not in charge, so it's time that I change my attitude.  I hope all of your cold, gray, snowless days can be GREAT, and I know mine will be too - once I sit down to my half peanut butter and honey sandwich every afternoon!



Well Shane has done it again...he had another birthday!  He told me that 27 just seems WAY too close to 30, and he isn't totally sure how he feels about that.  I say - BRING IT ON!  With every birthday comes new adventures and exciting things to learn, and knowing Shane, he will be plowing into every opportunity head on.  
What a blessing it is to be married to someone who always has such a positive outlook on everything life throws our way.  
What a blessing it is to spend every minute with a man who enjoys having SO MUCH FUN...always!  
What a blessing it is to call Shane ALL MINE, for ALL ETERNITY.

Shane's best friend Jeff made it possible for us to go skiing at Park City for Shane's birthday.  We packed in so much ski time from open to close, and we had a BLAST.

{Shane, Kenzie, Hillary, Jeff}
Shane is a very talented skier and snowboarder, and is able to teach me so much about it because he was an instructor at Powder Mountain for years.  It is so fun for me to learn from him, but also SO much fun to watch him be so in 'his element'.  He truly is amazing!

Happy Birthday my Love!  I can't thank you enough for the great amount of happiness you have brought into my life.  You are and always will be my ONE AND ONLY!


"Be Not Afraid"

"Be Not Afraid"

For quite awhile my love and faith in my Savior has grown.  I have learned to rely upon him, and asked that I be given the strength to trust in his eternal plan for me.
During my darkest hours, Jesus Christ has touched my heart and helped to ease my ache - no matter what trial I had been suffering.  Those tough moments have allowed me to grow closer to the Savior...to let him into my life to help lift my burden.  
I truly believe that no matter how deep or how dark the pain any of us feel, Jesus Christ is always there to reach his hand out to ours and pull us to safety...to a place of contentment and peace.  How blessed I feel to always have the companionship of the holy spirit, and eternal comfort of my Savior.  I know that he hears my prayers...and I trust in him to guide me...always.
"I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." John 14