oooooh boy.......

Friends, family, and journal
I am so sorry we have left you in the dust,
How rude of us!
It is now time to attempt to cover up the past few months
With a few words
And some new posts below.

Yes, Shane was accepted to Nursing school for the fall! We are so delighted and couldn't be happier with this blessing.

I finished up another successful year at the ballet school. I taught the cute Bells (cast A), Lost Penny (cast A & B), and Pretty Girl (cast B). All of my dancers worked SO hard and were absolutely magnificent in the recital! I couldn't have been happier with their performance.

After 3 1/2 years as a bank teller and lead teller, I was finally pushed to interview for a promotion. After no preparation I was offered a job as a personal banker. It came as a surprise, but after many prayers Shane and I realized it was a blessing.

The calling to be a Young Women's Advisor is COVETED in the church, therefore I was very sad when I was released! I LOVED my mia maids, as well as the incredible leaders I served with. But I have come to love my new calling as the Primary Presidency 1st Counselor. I am able to serve with three great friends who teach me and uplift me EVERY DAY.

Shane has been working on the 'general team' at IMC for 1 1/2 years. He was recently given a huge compliment and asked to join the 'cardiovascular team'. He is now working in surgery on the heart patients. It is stressful, but he is learning and loving it SO much!

We welcomed our new nephew Nathan Scott, and new niece Emily to the family. Both healthy and both CUTE! Can't wait for 2 more nephews on the way!

BLESSINGS, BLESSINGS, BLESSINGS. We know that we have been in our Heavenly Father's care, and we are so grateful. There are so many who are struggling and suffering with this economy, and our prayers are with you always! We love you!


We're going to miss you too!

Awhile ago, Shane and I were called by our Stake President to serve as a Ma and Pa for our Stake Pioneer Trek. We were so excited to have this opportunity to spend four days with kids from our area up in Martin's Cove...we knew that it would require good spiritual and physical preparation on our part, and we couldn't wait for the adventure.
We planned, prepared, and prayed for months. Shane and I wanted this to be an unforgettable experience for our 'family' on trek. We wanted our 'kids' to have the spiritual experience of a lifetime! The time spent together at the temple and on our knees in prayer was much needed time for the two of us to spend together...it felt so good.
The day before trek after I dropped off our buckets of belongings, I came home to find Dukie like this, snuggled under our already made bed. I'm sure he sensed that we were leaving! My brother Eric and his wife Nina always kittysit Duke whenever we go out of town, so I packed up Duke's things and we headed to their house to drop him off. It always feels so good knowing he is in good, loving hands!

On our 3 year anniversary, July 27th, I woke up at 2:00 AM feeling SICK. I figured I was just experiencing a mix of extreme excitement and anxiety, so I tried to brush it off. We arrived at the church to meet our family at 4:00 AM, and I was still so sick! All while meeting our 'kids' I was in and out of the restroom, hoping that my illness would pass. We all boarded the yellow school buses, and I wasn't quite sure that I was prepared for the seven hours of bus ride we had ahead of us!
By our first stop, I had to get off the bus because I was so sick. I slept in a car for the rest of the way to Martin's Cove, leaving Shane with our eleven (may I say, AWESOME) teenage 'kids'. Once we arrived, I didn't feel well enough to even sit through the video presentation about the sacred ground we were on. Once again a leader escorted me to the car to rest while everyone else trekked for the next 4 hours.
I tried to eat, and I tried to drink but I couldn't! I felt embarrassed to say anything because I figured the sickness would pass. 4 hours later, Shane and the medical crew found me in a miserable state...I hadn't realized that I was as sick as I was. They gave me a shot and hooked me up to an IV and quickly pushed 2000 CCs of fluid in me. I was carried to bed, and sadly, we were taken home the next morning.
Although I didn't have an opportunity to meet our 'family', that's the only thing Shane could talk about for days. Our 11 'kids' were amazing; they all got along with each other, they were prepared, and they kept their prayers with me the whole time.
All I could think of were the pioneers...how did they do it? They were sick, and I'm sure most of the time they felt absolutely awful, but they had the determination and will to push on. Their faith in the Lord kept their heads above water. We all have a little bit to learn about our ancestors, and just my two days of feeling miserable dressed in pioneer clothing, I learned a lot about them. I gained a testimony of their faithfulness to the gospel.

Maybe that's why we were called, maybe that's the answer I needed.

Although we were heartbroken, it was lucky we came home. After eight days of feeling sick, I'm thinking it's just about time to feel better!

Let's play Doctor....

Here are a couple pictures from jaw surgery #6! On March 30th I had surgery on my left TMJ joint during which Dr. Austin found a large bone spur that had worn completely through the tendon. It felt good to finally have an answer, and get it fixed!
Dr. Simmons who is a friend and co-worker of Dad's, and also one of my friend's Dad, was my anesthesiologist, and he was amazing. He cared SO much for me and checked on me so often.
I think I am finally becoming a little more brave when it comes to IVs (I hope!). I went to sleep just fine, but woke up at the end of surgery with the intubation (sp?) tube still down my throat! I managed to stay calm and after just a few seconds (which felt like an eternity) they pulled the tube out so I could breathe. I later found out that during cases that have to do with the mouth or jaw, it is necessary for the patient to wake up completely before the tube can be taken out; otherwise, if the tube is taken out too early and complications arise, forcing the tube back down would damage the entire surgery. I am SO glad I didn't have that!

Dr. Simmons, Dad, Kenzie, Shane
Again, a huge thank you to my family and friends who have prayed for us and my silly jaw! Although it seems to frustrate many people, I have come to realize that I am grateful for having the opportunity to endure through the complications. The patience that I have practiced has been needed for me; Mom always said that patience was a virtue, and even though it took me 22 years to understand that, I think I finally do! These surgeries have also helped me over my fear of hospitals, needles etc. I knew that someday I would need to get over that hump, and I am almost there.


Trudee Peterson....
do you know her? If not, you are sure missing out.
I have been lucky enough to work with Trudee for the past 3.5 years, and every minute has been a complete treasure! She and I would open the bank with each other every morning, so the two of us had at least 30 minutes every day of just US. We would talk, vent, and laugh all while soaking in that early morning sunrise. I cherish Trudee almost as much as I adore my own mother.
A few months ago, and at a very young age, Trudee was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was all heartache and heartbreak, but she didn't let those things get in the way of her amazing attitude. Shane and I, as well as a few of my other co-workers and the Peterson family signed up to run the breast cancer awareness race for the cure in support of Trudee and the millions of other individuals who suffer from this disease.
It was such a neat experience; over 17,000 participants arrived, and feelings of hope and love seemed to be floating everywhere!

Shane, Kenzie, Mike, Rachel, Jen, Darin

As a tribute to Trudee, our shirts said:
"Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to go..."
(no this is not a type-o :) )

Trudee has endured her chemotherapy treatments with a smile, and is now completing radiation. She is doing very well, but our prayers have, and will continue to include Trudee and her family!