mmm...I just love him.

Through 10 long days we cried, we prayed, we waited, and prayed some more...

Through 10 long days we witnessed healing that was simply unheard of.

Missing the planned vacation with my brother and his wife was difficult, but during these 10 days it has been surprising how much I have enjoyed a much simpler vacation with my love! Eating simple things, playing simple games, taking simple walks...I have come to recognize yet again why I love Shane how much I do...it's because we can do nothing together and still know that we have EVERYTHING--each other.

After 10 days I can finally breathe, I can smile, laugh, and look at Shane with the confidence that everything is going to be okay. After 10 days, Shane is back to being the person I missed so much...himself.

After 10 long and simple days all I have to say is...

mmm...I just love him.

And how could I not? He is my everything, and life without him would be unlivable.
More pictures to come...my computer is having trouble downloading them :) xoxo


my thoughts...

The past few days have been a whirlwind of tears and prayers...and sometimes when I think I'm finally becoming strong again my emotions hit me like a baseball bat and bring me back to reality. My fear has not left me, but neither has my faith.

The moment I laid eyes on the ailing love of my life, I clung onto the small threads of life as he was. I was shocked, I was terrified. Not knowing what to feel or think my mind was open to the spirit which guided me and held me up. There is a scripture in Matthew that states: "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you." As the healing power of Brian's hands touched Shane's head I witnessed the power of the priesthood in abundance. How grateful I was for the purity and faith that I knew Shane possessed during that moment.

Life is fragile. Life can be terrifying. It can take you by the feet and drag you where it wishes...but in turn the Lord will pick you up by your hands and guide you where you belong. Through this trying time I won't let those words of the Lord leave my heart:


"I will not leave you comfortless..."

I will turn to him.
keep Shane in your prayers...xoxo


The Lord's hand in ALL things...

During the last 6 minutes of Shane's indoor soccer game Tuesday night he was seriously injured. After much trauma to his brain and a quick priesthood blessing he was life flighted to the hospital and found that his skull was fractured in three places and his brain was bruised with blood pooling heavily underneath his skin above his left eye. He was kept at the hospital to try to regain his consciousness as well as keep an eye on the amount of blood...if it began seeping into his brain Shane would be rushed into emergency surgery to drill holes in his skull to release the pressure. After many tears, and faithful prayers Shane survived the night well. He is not in great shape but is still being watched over carefully, not only by doctors and family, but the Lord as well.
Shane will be out of work and only allowed tolerable activity for the next four weeks.
Please keep Shane in your prayers. We have felt the power in your faith and know that if we do this together, Shane will be healed.