our very expensive kitty...

Our adorable kitty, Duke, had to have emergency surgery one week ago today.  Sunday at 3:00 am, poor Duke became incredibly ill.  He couldn't keep anything down, even one tiny sip of water.  I was pacing around the house trying to figure out what was wrong when I found a little piece of ribbon that looked like it had been chewed on one side.  By Monday morning I took him into the vet.  The vet couldn't see anything from the x-ray but because we figured he had eaten ribbon he knew that Duke needed surgery...fast.
They rushed my poor, sick kitty into surgery where they shaved the fur off his belly and opened him up.  The vet found a rib sized ribbon that had rolled itself up and became lodged in his small intestine.  If it hadn't have been found Duke would have died in only a few days from a bowel obstruction.
It was very difficult for Duke to move for the first couple of days, but his medication made him so sweet!  He was obsessed with his hairbrush, and all he wanted was to be pet...over, and over, and over again.  The really hard thing about it all was that we couldn't hold him easily...but we were so glad that he was okay!

My parents took Dundee for a few days so Duke wouldn't be wanting to run around the house playing.  Once Dundee was home, he and Duke played non stop!  They must have really missed each other because I have found them touching noses multiple times since they have been back together.
I feel so blessed to have these two adorable animals in my home and in my life.  I never imagined life would be the way it is right now - but I love it.  Duke and Dundee give Shane and me so much love and laughter and fill our home with SO MUCH happiness.

experience the magic...



The Sheriff and her possy

For Happy Halloween 2011, my deputy was caught at work...all night.  So my possy and I were left to fend for ourselves... even though my voice was barely beginning to come back from having a nasty cold. 
(I even had a stranger ask if I had smoker's syndrome because of my voice.  Um...what? weird.)

Ah...the possy.  They sat and waited as back up each time I opened my door for ghosts and such.  The townspeople sure got a kick out of my babies.

Although Duke wasn't too partial to his adorable outfit...

Dundee sure thought he was HOT STUFF...

As for me?  I just felt darn lucky that I could see and hold this adorable buggy on Halloween!