baby boy and ballerina beauties

Here is baby boy at 34.5 weeks...I am now 37 weeks (and bigger too...)!!
I love, LOVE to be holding my baby so close to the front of me, to feel his strong movements, and know that he and I are inseparable...for now at least. 

I recently talked about my struggle with remembering left from right, and how my dancers are so good to help me out when I make mistakes.  They continually make me feel so good about my changing body, and have grown to love this little baby boy and his presence in our classroom.

We think we're so funny...

We frequently laugh about how funny it looks to see a third trimester pregnant woman on pointe...and no, I can't do very much with them on.  I try, but then my feet cramp up too badly when I try to heave my heavy upper body onto my toes... looks like my pointe days are running out until AFTER baby makes his appearance.

We've been so busy with finishing the basement, arranging the baby's room, getting through Nutcracker rehearsals and performances, and biggest of all, preparing and solidifying ideas for Primary next year...
now that those things are beginning to come to a close I find myself dreaming endlessly about this sweet baby.  The big day is coming quickly, yet not fast enough!  If you have any advice on what to bring to the hospital, please let me know!