Getting better and getting out!

Hello! I'm sure you realize Shane and I still aren't up to much, but I thought I'd post a few pictures to try to give an idea of the changes that have taken place in my looks and in our lives the past two weeks! Enjoy!

Here I am about a week after my surgery. We all decided that it looked like I had received a botox injection of my upper lip... what do you think?!

Here I am at my first appointment since my surgery. My Doctor is cutting off the bands that were keeping my mouth held shut...HOORAY!

Shane and I are on our way up to his families annual vacation at the cabin...it was so nice to get out and be with the family for a day! (Botox slowly going away...)
I was lucky enough to have two of my friends come visit me! Rachel, Me, Shar

They even brought me a basket of "Happy Easter Goodies" to bring a smile to my insides ;) Thanks gals...you're the best!

The past two weeks I have made phenomenal progress. No more botox lip, and my chipmunk cheeks are diminishing quickly! I'm continuing to work on my smile :) Thank you again for all of those who have kept my spirits alive during this recovery...visitors, family, and friends have greatly made a difference!

Come visit again soon!


Never take smiling for granted!

One thing I truly have missed...smiling and laughing hard. It's been interesting to try to find ways to express my happy emotions, and I hope that from now on, I'll never take smiling and laughing for granted!



Because my mouth is now banded shut, Shane has to feed me only liquids through syringes and IV tubing. After 6 days of this, I'm hungry!

I am still swollen and bruised, but I'm slowly working on those things ;)
I love you Shane and mom for taking such great care of me...I know it's so much work but it never goes unnoticed!

Thanks for visiting!


Kenzie's surgery update

WOW, it has been quite exciting the last few days. This is Shane, and I thought I would just give all ya'll an update on how Kenzie is doing. She went into surgery on the 4th for her upper jaw that we have so patiently awaited. Everything went as planned. It was difficult for Kenz at times, but she is such a trooper. She stayed in the hospital for the night and came home the next day. She is so exhausted. Everything she eats is fed to her through a syringe, therefore she has been very weak from the medicines without a lot of food. I love her, and I know everything will work out great. She will have to fill you on the details when she is able to. Until then, thanks to everyone who has helped, you are angels working miracles. May God bless you, and please keep Kenzie in your prayers.