A flash of red & white...throw in a little gray too.

After Nutcracker auditions follow weeks full of hard work, sore muscles, and building new friendships.
I am the lucky teacher for the energetic Candy Canes...and it may just be my biased opinion, but wouldn't you say they are simply the best part of the performance? :)
These 10 girls worked harder than I've ever seen young dancers work...and every minute of the blood, sweat and tears was completely worth it.
And who wouldn't be able to applaud for such cute girls?
I enjoyed every minute of every practice and performance with these dancers...
I have also missed those monday nights and saturday afternoons being crazy with them!
Until next year...have sweet dreams of sugar plum fairies, soldiers, and sweet candy cane hoops!

Isn't this just the cutest little ball of gray you have ever seen?

He and Shane are best buds...Duke loves to help him with his homework (really just searching for some way to entice Shane into rubbing his little belly...)
After which he can't help but fall right asleep...anywhere he may be.

We sure do love you Duke...
Thank you for being such a fun part of our family!