You've still got it...

and it still makes me smile!

That Dundee...he'll sneak a kiss whenever he gets the chance!  I sure can't blame him though...

So sweet...

and so smiley.

Admiring daddy at the ski slopes...he sure is good at skiing!

Aunt Brookie sneaking some loves...
and I'm sure in love with those lips of yours!

Someone is trying to hide underneath all that fur...
but he doesn't have you fooled!

You STILL love to be with daddy...

Three other activities you love:
Your jungle gym, sleeping (you love it more than you think, little one), and holding onto that awesome ball...all the time.

Dundee still protects you (and gives you too many kisses),
And you make church WAY more fun for mommy and daddy.

Cute baby in a big bib...always getting at least one arm free while sleeping...
cute sleepy baby...cute sick & sleepy baby...
 Our sweet Cole,
I can't believe how much you are filling our lives with such magic. 
I thought life with you couldn't get any better after I saw those first smiles, but then you started talking to us!  Your stories, squeals, and laughs, are music to our ears and make even the hardest of days instantly better.
Stroller walks, car rides, grocery shopping, bath time, and face to face interaction are some of your favorite things right now.  Sleeping still wins as least favorite activity for you, but even when you sleep for only one hour in a day and are completely exhausted, you never cry.  NEVER.  It is on rare occasions that you voice your sad opinion.  What a good, sweet, happy baby you are.
I look in your clear eyes and wonder how Heavenly Father could ever trust me with one of his most precious children.  I feel so blessed to be your mother...and our home is blessed to have you in it.  I tell you what, sweet baby, those 4 long years we waited for you were worth every second.
Keep being exactly who you are, because you are someone special!


When I look at my reflection...

When I look at my reflection,
What is it that I see?
Do I smile at the beauty,
Or frown at “plain old me”?

Do I find each imperfection
And point out my every flaw,
Despise my obvious blemish
And cringe that they all saw...

My body is improportioned
My hair just isn’t right
The clothes that hang in my closet
Are really much too tight.

Is it obvious that the car I drive
Is older than the rest?
And furthermore that all my shoes
Are simply not the best?

My day is filled with mundane tasks,
My dinners turn out black.
The house is full of messes
That I’d rather turn my back.

And at the days close I feel
Worse than when it began...
When I look back at my reflection
And see someone that’s “less than”

But soon as I am looking
At that person in the mirror,
I think of my Heavenly Father
And begin to see much clearer...

The body that I’ve been given
Is a blessing from above;
And the soul that fills my spirit
Is full of unconditional love.

Looking back from the glass
At that person that I see-
She truly is someone wonderful-
And that someone is all me.

I wrote this poem when I was asked to teach in one of our relief society nights on the topic "I Love Me".  As I pondered about what I could teach, I found it easiest to put my thoughts and feelings into words.  It made me realize that I can't teach on something that I don't believe - so lately I have been working on accepting who I am - and realizing that Heavenly Father blessed me with this body and spirit that I have...He even blessed me with those darn eyelashes that won't stay in!  ;)

As mom says... "The grass is never greener on the other side"

I want to challenge you - to try to find the good in YOU...every singe day.

"The person looking back from the mirror is always going to be you.  But that's okay, because when that person has your acceptance, your encouragement, and your best effort, the reflection will be smiling."