The past few days have been kinda crazy...mostly because we're preparing for my surgery. Although I'm very excited to get this over with, my nerves and anxiety are beginning to really set in! Luckily, I've already taken care of most everything...Marquessa is going to be subbing all of my ballet classes, and I feel so lucky to have her! Yesterday we were able to make up all of the recital dances so she can teach them to the girls, then after that Shane and I headed up to the hospital to get all my blood work and labs done to prepare for surgery. The rest of the day was spent finishing miscellaneous tasks...needless to say, it was a long, nerve-racking, and stressful day! So we were pretty darn excited to enjoy a nice beautiful day snowmobiling with the Stratford family today!

SUPERWOMAN STORY: Hello, I am Shane, the lucky one married to Kenzie. Now, this picture isn't just showing that Kenzie can sit and look dazzling on a snowmobile, she actually rides it on her own. All the girls went out riding and came back with a fantastic story of Kenzie's superhuman abilities. The story went like this: Kenz and Melanie (my sister) were riding fairly close as they approached a large hill. Eagerly they started to climb, Melanie going first, when they both realized there was a cornice at the top. Being too late to turn around, Melanie slowed a bit just before she crested the cornice. The machine was thrown a little sideways making a very difficult landing. She stuck it out and glanced back, praying Kenzie had not followed her. Nevertheless, Kenzie came flying up over the cornice, the machine leaped into the air and began to corkscrew. Fearing the worst, Kenzie jumped from the snowmobile midair landing on the snow and began to slide down the backside of the hill. After a quick ten or more feet, she popped up and jumped onto the snowmobile while it was moving, just in time to steer clear of some rocks. Melanie, soon after that, said it was like a scene from the Warren Miller Movie. So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, wow... what a WOMAN!!! That a girl Kenz! I love you!!



Shane and I are now officially home owners!! We closed this afternoon and we couldn't be feeling better about our decision. I'll post pictures of our cute apartment that we'll miss, and of our new home that we absolutely love!



February 11th was Shane's 24th Birthday!! He still had to wake up at 5:30 AM for work at the hospital, but luckily he got off early at 5:30 PM so we could go out to dinner with the family.
I am so grateful that I married such a patient, respectful, fun, hard working, dedicated and handsome man that I have the opportunity of spending my life with...
I LOVE YOU SHANE--I look forward to celebrating an eternity of birthdays with you!


The unexpected is SIMPLY FABULOUS...

Two days ago I met with my oral surgeon so he could check on my progress. I opened wide, the doc took one look and said, "Whoa, you're ready!" He said that everything looks more than perfect and I could go into surgery any day. My appointment turned from a simple check up to a 1-1/2 hour visit taking x-rays, digital photographs, and planning for the surgery. My mom was with me and the two of us were about jumping out of our chairs we were so excited! I think it caught my dad a little off guard that it came up so quickly (he's VERY nervous) but both of my parents have been more than supportive...I couldn't ask for anything more. I am so grateful that I am able to get my jaw fixed and actually be able to keep the middle of the sandwich in my mouth once and for all.